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Fun Shaped

From traditional gummy bear, to fruity shaped, crawly worms, and even vampire teeth!


Multi-coloured that pleasing your eyes appetite.


Not just appealing to your eyes, full and rich of flavor to your taste bud.

Chewy Texture

Exercise your jaw muscle while enjoying the tasty yummy gummies.

Made of Turkey

Originated from Turkey.

Halal Certified

Halal Certifications with recognized accreditation bodies.


Assorted Gummy

Gummies, Jelly, Marshmallow and More

Gift Box Collection

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Hello SweetsPeople!

We're excited to share our latest milestone - the opening of our first pop-up store and café! Not only can indulge in your favourite candies and gummies, but now you can also enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or our signature fancy drink in a cozy atmosphere. Come visit us and treat yourself to a sweet escape.

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